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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


An introduction to the automotive field with a focus on technical service. Both proprietary and general maintenance procedures will be examined. Students will experience typical entry-level skills including vehicle maintenance services and inspections with a focus on manufacturer-specific diagnostic equipment and service information. Students will be trained to adhere to both industry-standard safety regulations as well as environmental procedures. General hybrid systems and safety will be explored as well as an introduction to basic vehicle operation and systems. Additionally, students will receive instruction in the completion of the Technician Portfolio (TPORT), which includes assistance in locating a sponsoring dealership, understanding dealership expectations, resume and cover letter writing, maintaining a work journal and skill evaluations. Students may also earn University of Toyota/Lexus College credit. Lecture: 0.5 credits. Lab: 3.5 credits. Total course: 112.5 hours.  4 Credits.