Oct 22, 2021  
2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog

Computer Science (AS)

Division of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

This program enables students to practice developing larger applications and study computer architecture and operating systems. Students learn object-oriented and modular programming techniques, including the use, design, and analysis of data structures and associated algorithms. This program prepares students for transfer to a four-year institution so they may pursue a baccalaureate degree in computer science.

Upon successful completion, the Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science is awarded.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes available by clicking here.

credits: 15

credits: 15

First Year: Semester 1 or 2

credits: 6

Second Year: Semester 1

credits: 15

Second Year: Semester 2

credits: 15/18

Total Credits: 68/69

Program Notes

This program qualifies as an Alternative Transfer Agreement (MassTransfer) with select public institutions in Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.mass.edu/masstransfer.

Competency in mathematics is a MassBay graduation requirement. Prior to graduation, students must demonstrate competency at 100-level math. This may be accomplished by an appropriate placement test score or completion of a 100-level mathematics course or higher, except mathematics courses with a MAC prefix.

Humanities Electives:

Art, Communications, English (EN 103 or higher), Film, Foreign Language, Humanities, Literature, Music, Oral Communication, Philosophy, Photography, Sign Language, Theater Arts

Social Science Electives:

Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Law, Psychology, Sociology