Jun 25, 2022  
2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog

Online and Hybrid Education

MassBay offers online and hybrid degree and certificate programs in business, health sciences, humanities, science, technology, math, and engineering.  With over 200 academic online and hybrid courses, these for-credit courses are the same as those offered in the classroom, varying by how, when, and where students participate in course activities. They follow the same semester schedule as other classes. Online and hybrid classes are taught by MassBay faculty and are an appropriate choice for many students. Fully online courses typically require no regular class time on campus although may include an on-campus orientation session, proctored examinations or other campus visits.

Fully online courses differ from classroom-based courses in that students are not required to be present at a specific time or location during the week.  Thus they have flexibility to complete their weekly coursework based on their availability each week using a variety of technologies.

Students in hybrid courses have fewer scheduled campus meetings and receive a portion of instruction in an online environment. The amount of instruction happening face-to-face compared to online may vary from course to course depending on the course objectives.

Starting in 2020, remote courses are held at scheduled class times each week using a video conference platform chosen by the instructor (e.g. WebEx, Zoom). The proportion and use of video conferencing will vary from course to course. Course materials will be delivered through a learning management system (LMS), such as Blackboard.

Online, hybrid, and remote courses are not self-paced. They include set assignment deadlines and weekly course requirements. 

Examples of technologies that students may use in online and hybrid courses include: discussion boards, multimedia presentations, online quizzes and tests, interactive simulations, Microsoft Office Suite products and other common Web tools (such as blogs, social media and ePortfolios).

Further questions about taking online or hybrid courses can be directed to the Advising Center at advisingcenter@massbay.edu. To learn more about online learning at MassBay, please contact the Office of Online Learning by sending an email to MassBayOnline@massbay.edu or calling 781-239-2581.